John Barneson Photography is an online art gallery and store created by independent artist, John Barneson and operated with the help of a tight-knit team. Our fine art photographs feature John's eye for beauty and light with an emphasis on the horses of polo; with their passion, grace, and power. We're committed to producing high quality, collectible art and our range of editions (both open and limited) offers options for various budgets. John has taken great care in choosing paper stock and using the latest technology for digital capture and printing methods to ensure his works come to life in a way that's well-crafted, archival, and beautiful. We've been featured in publication and television media including People Magazine and Flipping Out and Interior Therapy on Bravo.


John's signature series is Polo on Ice, shot in St. Mortiz, Switzerland. Although first conceived in 1959, the sport of Snow Polo did not get its official start until 1985.

That first game drew only 1,000 spectators, but since then "Snow Polo" has rapidly gained in popularity and today is played not only in Switzerland but Italy, Austria, France, the United States, Argentina, Russia and Spain. Today, Snow Polo is gaining ground in Asia, most notably in China where the inaugural Snow Polo World Cup 2012 took place at the Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club.



John's work is characterized by a strong use of negative space, light, and emotion. His images are not edited in Photoshop - he instead relies on in-frame captures or careful editing of sensor data to create his more abstract work. 

Barneson’s work is always evolving but is unified in a desire to capture simple beauty by using perspective, color, and light to evoke emotion. He's photographed everything from landscapes, cityscapes, editorial, sports, event, fashion, and products, in each finding a home for his unique point of view. Today he is working to translate his passions to paper and continue to evolve alongside his work.

John graduated from Stanford University.